Life is Good in Our Government Cells

Our Liberty Meme was inspired by the following:

This article is from Shane Braden, the founder of the VAL SOCIETY on Facebook (which the publisher and editor of State of Wake, Paul Gordon, is a member).
Shane lays out a couple of KEY truths about the nature of freedom versus the nature of government.  On one hand, freedom creates responsibility, creates self growth.  On the other hand, dependence on government creates opportunities for enslavement and infantilization.  Here is Shane’s article:


I’m blastin’ yallz domes with a proper understanding of Liberty and another argument for a “VAL” Society (VAL is for Voluntary, Anarchist, Libertarian Society) And the following was from a conversation two weeks ago or so on some of the pages in my hometown of Elko Nevada representin’ foos! :p


Can we agree that that the more the government is limited, the more Liberty is experienced? Likewise is it not also true, and can we not also agree that the more government we have, the less Freedom we have? And if these things are true, than would it not also be true that a state of ‘absolute freedom’ that leaves you alone entirely, would mean government does not exist at all?

Let us also establish this: Is it not true that the more freedom we want to experience, the more personal responsibility we must be willing to exercise and apply to our lives? I mean, if we wished to truly be free and ‘govern our own lives entirely’, than it would imply that we must be willing to accept the responsibility that comes with it?

Again, these are both entirely true! For the more we have some entity telling us that there are things we cannot do (when these are not harmful to another) or, that there are certain things that we must do against our own will and volition (including being compelled by the threats of punishment or violence to subsidize and pay for this things existence, ‘the state’ I mean) than the less ‘free’ we really are! And with both of these things in mind, it cannot be any wonder why some would want to make themselves as government the ‘provider’ for it is in this way that government becomes ‘master’.

Two things I always say: whenever government becomes the provider, it must also become the master.

And: Necessity engenders responsibility, responsibility encourages growth (strength in man) and all these things are the cost of Freedom. (The more freedom, the more responsibility we must be willing to assume)

The ‘sin’ that continues to hurt mankind, is that whenever we are willing to cast our responsibilities onto the backs of another entity to provide something for us (whether in physical needs and provisions such as food etc, as well as providing ‘security’ for us) we actually end up hurting ourselves, for we abandon own responsibility to provide these things for ourselves which subsequently encourages us to become weaker with time, as government grows more powerful over us!

One of the reasons I do not believe in governments, is because when we really begin to understand their natures and what they are (forgetting for now all the other forms of evil that arrive with them) it becomes clear that they are ultimately one person or group of people claiming ownership upon another just as my meme above explains. And so for them to exist, they must engage in things that are not only illegal to many man-made laws and societies, but illegal to Natural Law, and these include theft and extortion (because it holds a gun to your head taxing you) as well as force and compulsion. (You WILL obey us and do what we say and give us what we want, or we will use violence against you) They deprive you of your Liberties that you were born with, and that no man can rightly take away, though he has written things down on paper and declared them as ‘law’.

But there is one type of ‘force’ and ‘compulsion’ I do believe in, and that is the version that the Laws of Nature and the Universe have already arranged which dictate that if you’re not willing to work, you’re not going to eat. And so we have a ‘healthy’ form of ‘force’ that compels man to work in order to provide for himself. And if he is ‘governed’ by such ‘Laws of Nature’ than he also becomes responsible, and responsibility engenders growth and makes him strong!

So what am I ultimately trying to establish in these points alone here? That the ‘sin’ of humanity allowing governments to exist among him occur when we realize that it creates a pattern of dependency, which makes us weak!

I believe that by far (save for those few who might unfortunately suffer some form of disabilities) are capable of governing their own lives! But by tolerating the existence of governments, the otherwise ‘Free’ not only allow themselves to be weakened, they also end up getting ripped off and deprived of their own Power, Rights, Liberties, as well as their ability to prosper. For it is ALWAYS the nature of people in power to continue seeking more of it while the people who could have otherwise been independent, self-sufficient, self-governing, strong and free, having now learned a pattern of trusting in government, begin down a path of apathy (because necessity and their own responsibility have been removed) which allows a long chain of abuses that started initially with a few compromises and ‘powers’ rendered to them during their beginning to take place. And because of these things, that government that they originally trusted in ultimately ends up attempting to enslave them!

If you aren’t a member of the VAL Society, be sure to join.  We could always use a few good minds more.

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