dumpster-fire-2016In this episode of Disassociation Nation, “We’re all gonna die, but not really….” We are joined by Dianna Keiler of FreedomFeens.com, Danny Javier of Anarchy Roundtable and Libertyunderattack.com, and Severin Freeman of thefreedomparadox.org. Paul Gordon hosts the show, with Niz on special secret assignment to an undisclosed location (he’s sick).

On this show, we delve into the Facebook odyssey of Danny Javier, which leads us to a discussion of Social Medial Platforms and their free speech devolution, including the now infamous YouTube call to snitched, “YouTube Heroes.”

In the second half each of us takes a turn describing our belief of the path to Liberty. From intentional communities, to Free State Project 2, to Being the Liberty that you seek to see and more, we offer hope in the occupied land.

Disassociation Nation reveals the sordid underbelly of the dystopian reality of the American Dream.  We explore that reality while examining the principles of liberty that could liberate us all from the coercive enterprise that is the United States of America. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll disassociate from the state. No flag waving here, folks, just unadulterated liberty.

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