An op ed in Huffington Post from a  Stanford Professor named Clarence B Jones reveals the complete trust the left has in the state and the complete lack of trust they have in everyone else.  The ‘professor’ (and I really use that term loosely) is advocating for “DNA for Guns.”  Here is the key part of his anti-liberty, pro-state diatribe:

I have been advised that we have this knowledge and technological intelligence to mark every gun with its own DNA. We know how to make sensors that will identify that a gun is about to enter into a NON-GUN-ZONE.

If this is so, why not use OUR TECHNOLOGY to protect ourselves? Our Constitution need not be changed. This is NOT a Democratic or a Republican problem or POSSIBLE solution. This is an American problem. More importantly, it appears that we have the collective intelligence to identify where guns are.

If you’re bold, you can try to read the full article, but, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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