The rank and file people who have been led to believe that taking away our guns will somehow make the world a better place are totally sincere in their worldview, and believe that they are doing things that will genuinely make the world a better place for all of us.
While I completely and totally disagree with their worldview, I can respect their passion and their purpose.
However, the powers that be most assuredly know that taking guns away from people will not end the violence.
As a matter of fact, if you look across the pond had at England, now that they have all but taken guns away from most folks, their new target is knives.
It seems that the killers and the thugs who were once using guns are now using knives.
The powers that be have one purpose in mind in exploiting the genuine fears of the average citizen in this country. Their purpose is not to make the world a better place for us but to make the world a better place for them.
The last and final check on an over-bloated oppressive government such as we have today, and one that is getting worse year after year, is to take away the guns of the citizens.
I can assure you that if this president and other presidents before him knew that they were facing an unarmed citizenry they most assuredly would have pushed much more aggressively to take more thorough control of our lives.
Lord Acton was absolutely dead on when he said power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The powers-that-be have tasted greater and greater drafts of real power. They have a thirst that can never be quenched. Just like the sex addict can never have their hunger quenched, so too the power addict can never have their hunger quenched. They must always seek greater and greater concentrations of power.
The next logical step for them to take more complete control is to all but eliminate guns from most rank-and-file Americans.
It should be noted that this insane man, who killed 13 people and injured over 20 others, had the time and the luxury to line people up and calmly shoot one after the other. He even had time to reload.
Because of the decisions made in the name of those who have been fooled into believing that guns were the problem, because of the calculated decisions that have been made by the elites who wish to claim more power to feed their addiction, American citizens were left defenseless, were left to die and beg for their lives while they waited and waited and waited for help to arrive.
Dependence on government, even when it fails, is what they want from you. They also want you to fear the government. This would only increase if none of us had guns.
So while I respect and understand how so many have been duped out of fear into believing that taking hands out of the guns of Americans is the way that they will somehow be safer, despite my respect and understanding of your worldview I must serve you notice.
I must let you know that whatever you believe, whatever actions you imagine that you can take, especially actions that involved calling on a government gun to take away another person’s gun, I will fight you to the death.
I will take no coercive offensive action against you.  I will only take action in defense of my liberty. You should try that principle out for yourself. Lastly, let me say Molon Labe. Molon Labe

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