The Nature of Policing by Paul Gordon

When Police have the force of Coercive Enterprise Behind Them, Their Actions are NEVER Justified
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Description: Paul Gordon spells out why the very institution of policing in a coercive enterprise is fundamentally at odds with natural human relations. As the violence against cops and against ‘citizens’ by cops escalates, the root cause of the problem is NOT really being addressed, policing in a coercive enterprise, aka, the state.

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No-Knock Leads to Legal Shooting of Cops

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Home Invader Shot in Groin

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Gun-Free, Madman Friendly Zones to End in Ohio?

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Nanny State Makes Child Care More Expensive

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The Government Loves Your Face, A LOT

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 Liberland, a Country Without a People

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 There are No Safe Spaces in a Coercive Enterprise Zone

Keep something in mind at all times. Your government in America will kill you if the opportunity presents itself. All governments are weaponized human extinction machines. They cull the population a little bit at a time. They are built for that. You need to wrap your...

Math is Against the Coercive Enterprise Model

NECSI is a research organization that uses math cribbed from the study of physical and chemical systems—bear with me for a moment—and newly available giant data sets to explain how events in one part of the world might affect something seemingly unrelated in another...

Ballistic Ballots- Full Auto Show

On this show, we cover election news in Defense Assault in the segment “Have Votes, Will Take Your Gun,” in Happy Ending, we document a follow-up to another homeowner protecting herself with a gun in “Defend Your Life AND Your Home.”

Historical First as More Businesses Closing than Opening

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Hillary Plays at Being Anti-Bank to Hide Close Banking Ties

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Google’s Fact Check Asks You to Trust Google

Anyone who regularly listens to any of my podcasts or videos that I create on Facebook knows that I advocate for empowering people to become less dependent on coercive enterprises (states, governments, etc).  Well, I should add that, in addition to becoming less...

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