MISD Stadium

This is a Newswake version of a story about a town voting to fund a multi-million dollar stadium for its high school football team.  Here’s how it should really be written if you understand the truth about the nature of coercion.

Paul Gordon- A majority of the voters of the city of McKinney Texas recently approved a measure to empower armed enforcers to ensure that the rest of the town forks up money to pay for a new temple where many of the city residents gather to worship on Friday night.  The temple, a $62 million stadium, will house 12,000 worshipers who will gather to celebrate football, the military and the flag.

62 percent of the people who actually showed up to vote on the measure deemed it right and proper to to empower armed agents to make sure that everyone, whether they want the new temple or not, gets to pay for it.  This was done in the spirit of democracy and America.  The school district thanked the 62 percent who had voted to force the values of the school and the football/military/flag religion on everyone else.

Here’s how the state-sponsored media reported this latest act of democratic theft and extortion:


This Texas High School is Building a $62.8 Million Football Stadium

Voters in McKinney, Texas elected to give the go ahead to publicly finance the construction of a brand new high school football stadium. The proposed project is set to cost $62.8 million dollars, which will make it the most expensive high school football stadium in the country.

Three McKinney high schools now share a 7,000-seat stadium. Upon completion the stadium will house 12,000 seats to pack in for what will surely be a “Friday Night Lights” phenomenon. According to The Dallas Morning News, McKinney also plans to use the stadium for other events besides the sport that is Texas’ heart and soul.

Read the full agit prop story here, if you dare.

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