Facebook evi;
Facebook doesn’t have to respect your ‘free speech right.’ ┬áHere’s why….
Paul Gordon- Just remember this folks, unless you buy advertising on Facebook, you are part of the Facebook product. I am actually both the product AND the customer because I actually do buy Facebook ads.
You produce content and share content and you click on ads. YOU are the product Facebook is selling.
This platform you are using is owned by, supported by, and managed by people chosen by the people who own Facebook. They allow you to use this platform because it’s in their best interest for you to do so. You provide a service, content and ad clicks, in exchange for using this platform.
Facebook can decide tomorrow that only progressives can post on Facebook. It’s THEIR platform.
Unless and until there are platforms that offer comparable usability, as well as (and far more importantly) an audience to connect with, Facebook has all the power in the world to decide to be ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’, ‘biased’ or ‘unbiased.’
You have no expectation of the freedom to express yourself on someone else’s platform. But, if Facebook goes too far with its bias, people WILL find alternatives to Facebook, and those alternatives will gradually take the place of Facebook. The market will, eventually decide whether it like the way Facebook operates its platform.
See? No laws are needed, no regulations. The free market is MORE than capable of deciding what it deems as ‘acceptable’ and what it deems as NOT being ‘acceptable.’
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