The self-hating social justice warriors are proving why they are the French Revolution Terror of American Politics.  This time, they’re attacking Meryl Streep. Here’s the key part of the article from PJ Media:
A promotional campaign for the new Meryl Streep film Suffragette has become a PR nightmare thanks to T-shirts worn by Streep and her co-stars, which some say appear to lump the plight of white women in with the horrors endured by slaves. The shirts – worn by Streep, Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff and Romola Garai (all white women)–bear a quote from the suffragette Streep plays in the film, Emmeline Pankhurst: ‘I’d rather be a rebel than a slave.’

Critics have called the campaign tone deaf, in part because the T-shirts inevitably bring to mind the Confederacy by pairing the words ‘rebel’ and ‘slave’, but also because of the uneasy history between the feminist and black civil rights movements.

The self-eating nature of social justice warriors is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and oppressive movement.

A New Low In Burning Stupidity | PJ Tatler

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