So You Want to Start a Revolution?

Paul Gordon has a candid conversation about what “revolution” or civil war in America means for people who want to replace the coercive enterprise (aka the State) with “zero, nada, zip, zilch.”

In part one, he talks about the reality of now.  Exactly where is the community of liberty at this present moment in time and how equipped are they to handle “revolution” or “civil war?”

In part two he talks about the future reality.  How would a person who advocates for replacing the coercive enterprise with “zero, nada, zip, zilch” fare in the new environment of a “revolution” or “civil war?”

In light of the reality of now and the future reality, what strategy should we as a community of liberty NOT be following and what strategy SHOULD we be following?  Paul Gordon gives his opinion, but trust us, no one is being detained and these are not orders, only recommendations.

Tags:  Dallas Shootings, Police Shooting, Anarcho-Capitalism, Ancapper, Libertarian, Voluntaryist, Paul Gordon, State of Wake

Part One:
Part Two:
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