Not that we’re in any way, shape or form suddenly advocating for the creation of state-enforced laws, but we thought we’d apply the logic of cigarette laws to voting.  There are many ordinances and laws banning smoking in public spaces because second-hand smoke harms the people around you.  But no one has asked themselves about the negative side effects to when someone votes in public.  Some side effects to voting in public, suffered not only by the voter, but even by non-voters, include being the victims of extortion, of murder, sometimes being kidnapped.  Voting produces very nasty side effects for anyone who wishes to live a true life of liberty.
 Currency of Anarchy shared the meme and added this comment, “Watch out for voting zones, they’re everywhere, and are bad for you..”
Yeah, try to find some safe, non-vote zones if you can.
In that spirit, we give you today’s Liberty meme:
16 5 24 Voting in Public

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