In the wake of the alleged CO Planned Parenthood attack, we thought we’d take a little time to look at the reaction of those who stand against the murder of the unborn in response to efforts by those who support murdering unborn children to try to silence opposition to their bloodlust.
First, let’s begin with this tweet that really shows the tone-deaf nature of the folks who support the murder of the unborn:

planned parenthood support blood tweet

Not to be a grammar Nazi, but it’s publicly, not “publically.”

Still, more importantly,, let’s not forget what this bloodthirst ghoul is talking about.  Here’s an image search result for the phrase “abortion fetus.”

abortion fetus imaage search

This is the Tweet that garnered the response above:
Planned Parenthood tweet about words that matter in response to CO shooting

So let’s remember that Planned Parenthood won’t even refer to unborn children as humans.  They murder babies, then cut them up and sell them.  Lest you forget, here’s that image again:
abortion fetus imaage search

Not wanting to let a good tragedy go to waste, another Planned Parenthood operative was quick to try to assure that this psychotic killing would lead to the muzzling of resistance to Planned Parenthood’s murderous ways.
From mediate:

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain CEOPlanned Parenthood Rocky Mountains President & CEO Vicki Cowart said this morning that the “hateful language” from anti-abortion advocates makes people think “it’s okay to target Planned Parenthood.”

In her statement yesterday, Cowart said, “We’ve seen an alarming increase in hateful rhetoric and smear campaigns against abortion providers and patients over the last few months. That environment breeds acts of violence. Americans reject the hatred and vitriol that fueled this tragedy.”

On ABC’s This Week earlier today, Martha Raddatz asked Cowart about making that link. Cowart said there’s been such “hateful language” and a “negative environment” around the work that Planned Parenthood does, “I can’t believe that this isn’t contributing to some folks––mentally unwell or not––thinking that it’s okay to target Planned Parenthood.”

Playing devil’s advocate, even if we assume this mentally unstable goon actually DID target Planned Parenthood, and WAS inspired by this rhetoric, remember that Planned Parenthood is railing against ONE type of murder while continuing to conduct and defend ANOTHER type of murder.  We who stand for life also reject BOTH types of murder, the murder that happened in Colorado as a result of the actions of a madman AND this type of murder being conducted by Planned Parenthood:
abortion fetus imaage search

As anyone could predict, American Pravda, aka the Progressive State Media, aka the Mainstream Media, worked the angle of Murder Inc.  The goal is to socially shame any resistance to the practice of cutting up fetuses inside their mothers’ wombs and selling their corpses.
Here we see the Washington Post with a headline that reads “Abortion Rights Groups: Political Rhetoric contributed to shooting.”
I took a screen shot rather than contributing to the Washington Post by sharing a link to their government-run, pro-murder site;
Planned Parnthood Washington Post defense

Here is a key part of this defense-of-murder article:
“Ever since the summer, when an antiabortion group accused Planned Parenthood of illegally selling fetal tissue, threats against the organization had escalated to unprecedented levels, abortion providers say. They stepped up collaboration with the FBI and local police and stiffened security at clinics. But on Friday, their worst fears came true: A man walked into a health center in Colorado Springs and opened fire.

Police have not yet identified a clear motive for the shooting, which killed a police officer, Garret Swasey and two other people and left more than six injured. But the suspect, identified as Robert Lewis Dear Jr., attacked a clinic run by Planned Parenthood, a longtime foil of antiabortion activists that has been under heightened scrutiny in recent months. During his arrest, Dear referred to “baby parts,” a law enforcement official said.”

If you support murdering unborn children, Washington Post calls you “abortion rights”- that’s positive.  If you stand in defiance of the hacking up of fetuses inside their mothers’ womb, well, this state-run outlet calls you “anti-abortion”, a negative.  Good agit prop work by this pro-murder organization, Murder Inc.

Remember, this is what Washington Post is defending, this is the action Washington Post tells us vilification if we call it murder:
abortion fetus imaage search

The New York Times, one of the heavy hitters of the Progressive State-Run Media, is decrying the continued ‘rhetoric’ coming from Republicans against the hacking to death of fetuses in their mothers’ womb and the selling of their corpses.
Again, I took a screen shot of their Facebook post so as not to aid this murder-supporting media outlet:

Planned Parenthood attack NY Times hurt GOP still attacking PPHere is the gist of what murder-supporter, and state media agent Anna North had to say about her feelings being hurt because people still insist on calling murder and the selling of dead baby parts evil:

“It’s been just a few days since a shooter killed three people and wounded nine others at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, and Republicans have already resumed their baseless accusations against the group.

Carly Fiorina has determidly promulgated the claim, first advanced by the Center for Medical Progress in its deceptively edited videos, that Planned Parenthood sells “body parts” from fetuses. She continued to do so on Fox News Sunday, saying that “Planned Parenthood acknowledged several weeks ago that they would no longer take compensation for body parts, which sounds like an admission that they were doing so.” In fact, Planned Parenthood has said it will stop accepting reimbursement for the costs associated with fetal tissue donation, which is all it ever accepted (and, in fact, all the Center for Medical Progress videos show).”

“Baseless accusations” means for this agent of the state, Anna “I love murder” North, the hacking to death of fetuses inside their mothers’ wombs is perfectly acceptable.  The selling of dead baby parts, even if it’s just for cost, is ok.  But, if you have a problem with that, Planned Parenthood will simply magnanimously “donate” the corpse parts for science.  Would that Mengele had such state-run media support (oh wait, he did…).
Hey Anna, here’s your freaking sign:

abortion fetus imaage search

There are plenty of things I disagree with the Republicans and conservatives on, but standing up against state-protected, state-funded murder is one point I can clearly stand with them on.  It does my heart good to see they are not backing down at all.
From Redstate:

No, I Still Don’t Stand With Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood attack redstate i dont stand with pp…However, I still don’t stand with Planned Parenthood.

Too often I am confronted on social media or elsewhere by those who are shocked that I don’t support Planned Parenthood. “But they don’t just perform abortions!”, they say. “There are many other services they provide!”, they exclaim. I don’t deny that PP clinics nationwide do have a variety of services. However, there is nothing so sacred as life. That a clinic does breast exams or yearly physicals in no way balances out the life-destroying crimes they commit. I don’t want to hear it….

In a Voluntaryist world, the ‘morality’ of a people must come from a free will volition, whether their ‘morality’ is formed by an external ideal or a pragmatic assessment centered around a subjective desire.
Without the State to protect a morality that stands squarely against a people group, without the state to coercively enforce a morality of a people group, ideas and actions must rise and fall in the Free Market arena, where decisions to violate the morality of a people group may be met with social shaming or market exclusion.
In the voluntaryist world, the true ‘morality’ of a people is laid bare.
We could not hide, for good or ill, behind a government gun. We would more truly be who we are and our actions would more fully meet realty, the ‘bad’ actions, the ones that hinder commerce (of goods and ideas) would no longer be protected by the state, their damage would be readily seen, and the socio-economic backlash would more freely be able to form.
Abortion is one of those ‘bad’ ideas that, while it will never go away entirely (as no form of Murder will until the end of Christ’s millennial age), will never so easily flourish, so readily be funded as it is today. Murdering ourselves for profit is counter-intuitive to commerce, in all its free forms.
This is why I continue to stand against the government-protected, and government funded big business entity that is Murder Inc, or Planned Parenthood.  Remember, behind those walls, behind that innocuous pink sign, men and women in lab coats, funded by the government, and protected by the government, are reaching their metal spikes into the soft, warm bodies of pregnant women and hacking to death, poisoning, or injecting with acid fetuses that are then removed and shipped off for further medical experiments.
No one on the Pro-life side is advocating for murder, for violence against these murderers, but no one, including me, will relent one bit, will dial back one notch the truth declarations against this vile practice of murder.  The pro-murder media might want to daily look at the fruit of the work they so faithfully defend.  Just to make sure I do my part to remind them, let me end once again with the bloody truth, murdering unborn children is evil and must not be protected or funded by the state:
abortion fetus imaage search 

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