Introduction:  They’re not Gun-FREE Zones, they’re gun oppression zones.
Every Gun Oppression Zone is a mini Norther Korea, and nearly half (if not more) of “Americans” approve their little slices of North Korea.
On Wednesday, December 14th, the Kansas Board of Regents approved new conceal carry gun policies for the six state universities that are now under a campus carry law signed by Governor Sam Brownback in 2013.  The law takes effect July 1st, 2017.
The plan approves conceal carry on college campuses. It also includes stun guns, but not tasers.
Universities may ban guns from buildings that have metal detectors or security guards.
Anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to conceal carry, unless they are “mentally ill” or have felony convictions.
You must be in control of your handguns at all times, whether carrying or not.  You also must use a holster.
If your handgun has a safety, the safety must always be on.
Handguns may not be stored anywhere on campus except in a residential unit the gun owner actually occupies.
Guns must be stored in university-approved storage devices.
So far nine states, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee Utah and Wisconsin, now have laws that allow for conceal carry on college campuses.

Opinion:  Now that the Kansas legislature has passed a law, and it was signed, four years later everyone can celebrate when the law takes effect.  This law recognizes the fundamental human reality of self preservation, self defense.  What do almost ALL the recent so-called mass shootings have in common? They all took place in a ‘gun-free zones,’ a phrase that is not lost in irony given its use of the term free.
So it goes without saying that, if you actually want to cut down on mass shootings, you should end these gun oppression zones and allow individuals to execute that fundamental human reality of self preservation.
Still, think of how this law was passed and the the conditions that have been placed on it.  It does not, at the end of the day, recognize the unadultered human reality of self preservation.  Rather, it pays lip service to that reality, while offering terms and conditions placed on you, the one on the receiving end of government and university rules and regulations, for HOW you can exercise that human reality of self preservation.
Before the dust settles, these universities, housed as they are by anti-liberty, pro-state-control indoctrinators and the victims of their misinformation campaign, the useful idiots called students, those loopholes are BOUND to be exploited, loopholes like determining who is mentally ill, loopholes like creating cost prohibitive standards for what universities call “approved storage devices” for guns.
No, if this were truly a sincere recognition of the fundamental human reality of self-preservation, there would be no limits, no restrictions, and no passage of a bill that allowed for four years of more gun oppression zones on state universities to continue as this law allowed.
Yes, I suppose it’s better to have a whiff of authentic liberty rather than an outward denial of it, but, while we celebrate the benevolence of our state masters, let’s not get too caught up in the false sense of authentic liberty laws like this creates.


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