While America twiddles its thumbs in the Middle East, the rest of the world moves on, including Israel.  Talks are going on and alliances are being formed that bear little relevance to America and her interests.  The latest example is the ever-increasing connections between Greece, Israel and Cyprus, all of which are traditional enemies of the one ally in the Middle East America seems to stick to, Turkey,

From cyprus-mail.com

Cyprus, Israel, and Greece held a “historic” summit on Thursday, during which they agreed to strengthen co-operation between the three countries and invited others to join them in promoting co-operation and peace in the region.

According to a declaration following a meeting in Nicosia between President Nicos Anastasiades and the Prime Ministers of Greece Alexis Tsipras and Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the three countries agreed to strengthen co-operation and promote partnership in various fields of common interest.

Among the subjects discussed by the three leaders was a pipeline carrying natural gas from Israel and Cyprus to Europe through Greece, and an underwater cable – the EuroAsia Interconnector — linking Israeli, Cypriot, and Greek power grids.

“We express our strong support to the export of Eastern Mediterranean gas to continental Europe,” the declaration said. “In this context, we reiterate our readiness to further explore projects such as the EastMed Pipeline.  We have agreed to work closely together promoting joint projects, which will enhance the security of energy supply. We invite neighbouring countries to explore possible synergies which can be implemented by working collectively on a regional basis.”

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