The Maries County Sheriff Department said a man is in serious, but stable, condition after he was shot Saturday night.

The shooting happened just after 6 p.m. at a home south of Vienna in the 12000 block of Highway 63.

Sheriff Chris Heitman said the victim has been identified as Walter Gray. Heitman said Gray showed up to the home off Highway 63 where a woman has a restraining order against him.

Deputies said the the woman’s husband saw Gray peeking through the window of the home. Heitman said when the husband confronted him, Gray allegedly made a threatening move toward the man causing him to fire his gun.

Gray was shot in the groin area. The Maries County Sheriff’s Department said emergency responders arrived quickly and possible saved the victim’s life.

Heitman said Gray is likely facing charges of ex parte violation, trespassing and 3rd degree assault. He said the homeowner will likely not face charges. Heitman said a police report will be sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office on Monday.

Opinion:  This goes to show that even if you have “the balls” to do something as bold as attempt to break into another person’s house, while they’re home, while they’re armed, you might not LEAVE with the same balls you entered.  It is interesting the man was shot in the groin.  This would indicate the homeowner shot hastily, aimed and missed the mark, or he shot to wound instead of to kill.  Pro tip for all you folks out there that might be on the defending end of a home invasion, never EVER aim to wound, aim to kill.  As a matter of fact, never pull your gun on someone if you aren’t prepared to shoot to kill.
It is fortunate the man survived, and we certainly don’t wish death on anyone.  But things could have gone a lot differently for this homeowner had the would-be home invader been more motivated, drugged out, or armed himself.
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