In the wake of the November 28 Ohio State University attack, lawmakers in the state have passed a bill that allows colleges and universities to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on their campuses for self-defense.
The campus carry measure originated in HB 48, which was sponsored by state representative Ron Maag (R-Lebanon). Buckeye Firearms Association reports that language from HB 48 was inserted into a Senate bill (SB 199) late Thursday, and thereafter passed the House by a vote of 68-25.

At 3:15 a.m. Friday morning the Ohio Senate passed the measure by a vote of 22-8.

This means that colleges and universities can now allow students with concealed carry permits to carry guns for self-defense. It also means that concealed carry permit holders can keep guns in their cars in a public school parking lot, which is something they are already legal to do at colleges and universities. The legislation also removes the mandatory gun-free designation for “day-care facilities, private aircraft, and public areas of airport terminals.”

The measure is headed to Governor John Kasich’s (R) desk for a signature.

Opinion:  Having seen story after story of gunman, and now knifemen, entering gun-free zones and taking their pick of helpless, defenseless victims, it is a joy to see some political big wigs deciding that, rather than attempt to disarm, to create more helpless, defenseless victims of madmen, maybe they should let people defend themselves.
Bra- vo.  This is where you might insert a slow, sarcastic clap.  But hey, anytime common sense manages to cut through the muck of any legislative body, we should all celeberate such moments. What is surprising to me is not that this legislation passed, but that it did not pass unanimously, and that any idea, like gun free zones, that is so antithetical to the human reality of self defense was EVER allowed to pass,
This just proves the old axiom true once again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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