war-with-russia-10-17-16WORLD-  If you are paying attention to the Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you have probably noticed a constant charge by Clinton and her campaign surrogates that Russia is behind the DNC email leaks that reveal the collusion between the Clintons, the DNC and the mainstream media.
Following on the heels of these accusations, Clinton herself has been using aggressive rhetoric against the Russians, even threatening military action against them.  With the US Army Chief threatening Russia with this taunt, “We will beat you like never before,” and efforts by the West to attempt to charge Russia with war crimes in Syria, all signs point to the West attempting to prepare you, the ‘people’ for some degree of conflict with Russia.

Three new stories have come out that suggest the effort to initiate conflict with Russia is stepping up dramatically.  First, there is this news that Julian Assange’s internet access has been cut.  Assange is the founder of Wikileaaks, the group that released the DNC emails, the same group Clinton has accused of being a Russian operative.
From Zero Hedge

In what may be the first official retaliation against Julian Assange and Wikileaks since the organization started disseminating the hacked Podesta emails, this morning WikiLeaks announced it has “activated contingency” plans after Assange’s internet link was intentionally cut off by a state party, WikiLeaks has said in a tweet.

Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.

There was little actual detail, aside from a subsequent tweet in which WikiLeaks called on the public to support it by donating.


Previously on Sunday, there was concern about Assange’s well-being when Wikileaks tweeted out what some suggested were the “dead man keys” that are allegedly the encryption codes for highly damaging secret documents to be uneviled in the case of Assange’s death.

The article goes on to also cite claims (though not substantiated) that John Kerry is threatening the country of Ecuador with “grave consequences” if they don’t hand Assange over.  There are also unconfirmed reports the British have raided the Ecuadoran embassy in London, where Assange has been staying.

Soon after that, Zero Hedge is also reporting that the bank accounts of RT (Russia Today) in the UK have been seized:

While we have yet to get an update from Wikileaks on the status of Julian Assange’s internet connection at the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK, which as reported overnight was allegedly “severed” by an unknown “state party”, moments ago Russia’s RT (originally Russia Today), a television network and website funded by the Russian government, has allegedly seen its bank accounts blocked by the UK, according to a tweet posted moments ago by the station’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan.

“Our accounts in the UK have been closed. All Accounts. ‘The decision is not subject to revision’. Long live freedom of speech!” Simonyan said in a Twitter post, suggesting that the move stifles free speech.

According to RT, its The National Westminster Bank has informed RT UK that it will no longer have the broadcaster among its clients. “The bank provided no explanation for the decision.”

“We have recently undertaken a review of your banking arrangements with us and reached the conclusion that we will no longer provide these facilities,” NatWest said in a letter to RT’s London office. The bank said that the entire Royal Bank of Scotland Group, of which NatWest is part of, would refuse to service RT.

The letter said the decision was final and that it is “not prepared to enter into any discussion in relation to it.”

These events of yesterday and today follow after a report in Antiwar.com that claims the US is preparing to launch a serious cyber strike against Russia:

According to a new report from NBC News, the CIA is actively selecting targets for a potentially imminent order from the White House to launch a “clandestine” cyber attack against the Russian government, with a particularly eye toward embarrassing Russian leaders.
Officials have repeatedly suggested that the US would launch such attacks “in retaliation” for hacking attacks against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, even though Russia denied involvement in that and US officials have declined to offer any public evidence of official Russian culpability.

Vice President Joe Biden confirmed earlier today that the US had sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin advising him of a cyber attack “at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.” This suggests the official descriptions of the attack as “clandestine” are using a very loose definition of the word.

NBC cited officials as saying there is some debate within the top leadership of the administration about the wisdom of launching such an attack, and President Obama has yet to officially sign off on the matter. The primary argument for the attack is that the administration has repeatedly blamed Russia for hacks, and repeatedly vowed revenge, so the lack of revenge could be embarrassing for the president. Former CIA official Michael Morell cautioned against covert attacks, saying the US should attack Russia openly, “for everybody to see.”


The opposition to Russia from the West is, in my opinion, because Russia opposes the status of the US Dollar as the World currency.  It, in partnership with China, is working on building alternative trading partners from Europe, and doing so without using US Dollars.  It also stands in opposition to the removal of Assad in Syria in favor of a Pro-Western regime that would allow the West to build a pipeline through Syria.

The threat of a shooting war with Russian troops facing off against American troops seems, to me, to be remote given the fact that both powers have nuclear weapons.  Despite Russia’s blustering, there seems little evidence to support that either side sees any path to victory that includes nuclear war.  What is more likely is that information wars, cyber wars, economic wars, and even proxy wars will spring up around the globe, pitting western surrogates against Russian and Chinese surrogates.

The question I have is this, when the overt conflict with Russia starts, will the people under the thumb of this American coercive enterprise buy into the demonization of Russia and support the conflict, a conflict that is sure to hurt the person on the street far more than it hurts the owners and managers of this coercive enterprise?

I’m betting that there will be no such support for the cost the person on the street will have to pay for a war to defend the Western World Banking Enterprise.  I’m betting the efforts to demonize and silence dissent in America will only increase, as they already have been increasing these past few months.

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