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Paul Gordon exposes the hypocrisy of the leftists now protesting ‘the will of the people” to exit the EU.
After the decision by the majority people who chose to take advantage of the government’s permission granted to them to inflict their will on others (the decision to exit the EU, or BREXIT), leftists filled the streets of London with profanities and red Anarcho-Communists flags chanting “Migrants In, Torries Out” and other endearing epithets at the small majority of ‘eligible’ voters who chose to take advantage of the power their government so benevolently granted to them.
Paul Gordon shows you how all of these F#$% Brexit rallies, once again, expose the hypocrisy of the left, the one man-one vote, will of the people left who turn on democracy when the mob turns on them.
The rallies are not about Brexit so much as they are about leftists being upset that their enablers of self-immolation, the EU, are no longer going to have the power to force THEIR will on everyone else.
They are, sadly, victims of the democracy they so ostensibly support.
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