16 05 23 Anarchy is Love Weed TaxFor this meme, we give a staty von statist shoutout to Anarchy is Love.  We won’t link to their Facebook page because the Derp is too thick over there.

We sometimes do these Dconstructing Statist Memes, memes that highlight the derp in Statist memes, but who knew we’d be doing it to a Facebook page that claims to be an Anarchist.

In this Deconstructing Statist episode, we look at a meme shared by Anarchy is Love that shows the joys of getting a freedom permission slip to smoke the pots.

This meme lauds the power of government taxes on weed to feed and shelter the homeless.  The reason this meme makes this Distopian episode is because of how they responded when Paul Gordon, the publisher of this site, made a simple statement on their meme.

Their comment is a classic statist argument against anyone who doesn’t want to empower the government to do something that, on the face of it, is a good thing, like feed the homeless.

We’ll ask you, the reader, to judge for yourselves.  Is this Ancapistan or something else?

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