Humanizing the persecution of Christians in ISIS is this story by Charisma News about 11 missionaries who gave the ultimate sacrifice, praising God throughout the whole distributing ordeal.  Here is a part of the article:
The sorrow of the ministry team leader who lost 11 workers and one of their children last month has been deep, but he takes heart that their faithfulness could help change the hearts of persecutors.

“They kept on praying loudly and sharing Jesus until their last breath,” he said. “They did this in front of the villagers as a testimony for others.”

He asked for prayer for surviving family members and for himself.

“These things have been very hard on me,” he said. “What wrong did those people do to deserve to die? What is happening is more and more people are being saved. The ministry is growing and growing—in the past we used to pray to have one person from a Muslim background come to the Lord. Now there are so many we can barely handle all the work among them.

11 Christian Missionaries Crucified and Beheaded — Charisma News

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