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Coffee or Pot?

This liberty meme brought to you by the folks at Liberty Memes:

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Coffee or Pot?

This liberty meme brought to you by the folks at Liberty Memes:

Brett Sanders Wins Again

A small victory for open carry in the State of Texas, as our benevolent overlords grant Brett Sanders the reality of self defense he already had through his own human nature.

Call the Smartphone Police

Would you let your parents micromanage you like this? Why do you let the “state” do this? Is it because of the guns? I bet it’s because of the guns. #banassaultgov

First Pot, Now Rainwater

Your ‘state’ overlords have decided to grant you the privilege of collecting rain water and using it.

History of the American Occupation, or Policing

A brief cliff-notes look at policing will show you that the police force that exists today in America is not here to protect and serve you, save for the occasional PR move. Rather, the police force of today is essential an occupying army intent to loot you and intimidate you to protect the well-to-do, the approved families, from the likes of you.

A Vote for Murder

Anyone who isn’t calling for the complete abolition of the coercive enterprise, the ‘state,’ is continuing to endorse theft, extortion, kidnapping by agents with guns who will (and do) murder you if you do not comply. It is in this vein that we created this meme to highlight how absurd the fight is over which master will threaten you and yours with murder:


This Liberty Meme was inspired by this meme we saw from Jeremy Hengeler of

The meme itself is, of course, inspired by Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

This meme, and Jeremy’s, brings the focus to where it should be, to the individual, and cuts out the myth of the state, “America,” altogether.



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